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Riding The Storm Out

Posted Jun 21 2011 10:04am
Yesterday was a stormy day in Nebraska.  Tornado laden storms, (about 20 tornadoes in western and central Nebraska) lots of wind, rain and hail.  Typical weather for around these parts.  Sirens went off, not for a tornado, but for 75+ MPH winds.  The College World Series is happening downtown and they had to clear the ball park and get people to safety.  We spent some time in the basement just in case things decided to fly through our windows and watched the storm batter the heck out of the city through the magic of well placed web cams.  Although, they were vibrating and shaking so much the shots of the crowds running to their cars looked more like a badly filmed scene from a 'B' movie.  At any moment I kept expecting Godzilla to pop up on the screen and eat a busload of tourists.
Through all of this I worried about the robins.  A few weeks ago they built a nest in our tree.  It is not a place I would have chosen for my nest.  It is out at the end of the branch with no cover at all.  I'm not a bird, though, so for all I know there might be specific beneficial reasons to put your nest there.  Or, perhaps Mr. Robin is a blithering idiot which would explain why Mrs. Robin is always beaking him on the head.  
Last night, while I watched the wind whip the trees through spastic gyrations, their leaves flying off and plastering themselves to the windows, I kept thinking about the robins and their newly hatched babies.  Scott was watching the radar and showing me the line that was going through us and when he finally said it was past I asked if it was okay to go outside and check on the robins.  Given the all clear I snapped on the back light and stepped outside.  The wind was still pretty fierce and seeing all of the storm detritus on the deck I wasn't too hopeful about what I would see. There she was, though, sitting in her nest and facing into the storm as her branch dipped, swung, and whipped about in the wind.  She looked like the bravest of all sailors riding out the storm.
Mrs. Robin on her nest.

This morning the sky is still grey with an odd brown pall over it.  She is still on her nest and I snapped a picture of her as I told her she was one of the bravest mothers I knew. 

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