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Rest Is Vital During And After A Colitis Relapse

Posted Dec 14 2011 4:32pm

I want to use this current high media profile period for ulcerative colitis to talk about a colitis relapse and the importance of rest.

Yesterday I blogged about Darren Fletcher, the Manchester United and Scotland footballer who has been diagnosed with colitis yet had in fact been suffering from the disease for about one year. It appears he had a first attack, fell into remission then the symptoms have reared their ugly head again. So why the colitis relapse?

I read a quote from him and he makes a very, very important point about this relapse. He admits that after the first attack had calmed down through the use of medication and rest “I was lying in my bed for two weeks” (well done) he got back on his feet and came back to train and play professional football (soccer).

He pushed himself mentally and physically as any top football player has to and played very high level games, even when he was starting to feel the beginning of a relapse.

Ulecrative colitis just loves those that think they can (or are advised that they can) just carry on with their lives once the first attack has been brought under control and then disappears. The symptoms may have disappeared but the disease has not. If you do not give yourself enough time to rest and very slowly bring yourself back into everyday life (yet still be very cautious about the degree of physical and mental stress you place yourself under) then trouble could well be just around the corner.

Darren admits his devotion to his club and country and love of the game pushed him to make sacrifices that he now knows were wrong.

So please do not make the same mistake. Take your time in recovering from a colitis relapse. I made the same mistake in going back to work too soon (the consultant said “yes get back to work it will do you good”…what shockingly bad advice) as within a few months I was back sitting on the toilet in real pain.

To find out exactly how I managed my years of ulcerative colitis, all the info is included in “The 27 Most Wanted Colitis Answers” the reference I wrote detailing everything you need to know for how to live with colitis. For more info go now to how to live with colitis

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