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Pull trough surgery

Posted Feb 24 2010 3:26pm 1 Comment
She had her pull trough on Jan 26th it was a 6 hr surgery and it went well. On the 30th of Jan her incision got infected and burst. She was rushed back to surgery and another 4 hour surgery and it turns out her insides had basically separated because it was so infected. It took another 3 weeks for her to recover but she is doing really good now the only problem we are having is diaper rash from hell! We are using the "crusting" method and then caking on the critic aid. It is still getting worse does anyone have advise. We are desperate I have already talked to the WOC nurses and this is what they said to do but it breaks my heart having to hear her scream every time we change her. Any advise is appreciated. Thank you.
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I don't know how long ago you posted this, but if her rash comes back use Maloc, and a&d ointment mixed and chilled in the fridge. My sons rash would bleed and looked as though he had an actual burn on his bottom. It was slick so nothing would stay unless we tried the same method you used at first. He's five now, but he does still have rash flares from time to time depending on his stomach problems and the cream mix works well. You'll want to mix it thick, and remix after taking it out of the fridge because it will seperate.
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