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Proper Food Combining

Posted Nov 18 2009 11:32am

What is food combining?
Food combining or food pairing, is simply combining/pairing foods that make the best match and are easier to digest.   The basic concept is that you want to combine each meal so that it takes the least amount of time in your digestive system.  

Is there a list of Good or Poor food combinations?

Yes there is….   see here for a food combining chart

How long should I wait after each food group before eating anything else?
Fruits: 30-40 min
Vegetables: 1:30- 2 hrs (Salads before main meal is ok)
Raw Nuts: 2-3 hrs
Protein: 4 – 6 hrs
Note that protein and starch should not be combined in one meal, i.e., steak and potato or chicken and rice. 

Why shouldn’t I eat Protein & Carbohydrates together?
Different foods require different digestive juice, and by combining Protein & Carbohydrates, the stomach would have to work twice as hard to get both types of foods digested in our system.   For example if you had steak and baked potato last night for dinner, you dinner stayed in your digestive system for 12+ hrs.

Why should I eat fruits alone and on an empty stomach?
Fruits are very easy to digest, by eating them on an empty stomach you allow the digestive system to completely digest the fruit and pass it through your system.  If you eat your fruit after a meal, the fruit will sit on top of the food waiting for its turn to be digested and while waiting it will ferment and rotten, which will result in gas and bloating.

Why should I eat my vegetables before Protein or Starch?
The same reason as fruit, you don’t want your vegetable waiting for its turn for digestion.

Another thing to keep in mind is to start your day with a light meal and ended with a heavier meal.  Here light and heavy don’t equate to amount of calories or fat, they simply mean; light for easy digestion and heavy for longer digestion.  

Here is the order;
fresh juice->fruits->vegetables->raw nuts->cooked meals

I always start my day with 16 – 20 oz of green juice, eat fruits as morning snack, and have a generous salad for lunch.  For my afternoon snack I have raw nuts and dried fruits and end the day with a homemade meal :).

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