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Product Review for the Colo-Comfort Ostomy Pouch Cover and Supporter

Posted Oct 04 2009 11:14pm

I recently purchased the colo-comfort pouch cover and supporter and wanted to offer my opinion for others who may be considering the product. I purchased the colo-comfort cover for two reasons. As relatively new ostomate, I am still very self conscious about my bag and wanted a way to conceal it under my clothes. I also wanted support for my ostomy bag because the moment it gets the slightest bit full gravity begins to pull at it making me both uncomfortable and uneasy.
The colo-comfort pouch cover achieved both of the main objectives with flying colors. Once dressed I can't even notice my ostomy bag when wearing the colo-comfort. It also provides tremendous support. I'm able to go shopping with my wife or run errands without even thinking about emptying my bag since I no longer feel the stoma tug. Though I'll check every couple of hours or so just because I'm paranoid. The pouch cover is made of a very durable nylon and seems made to last.
There are a few drawbacks however. The belt of the colo-comfort seems made for larger heavier people. I am 6 feet tall and weigh 160 pounds with a 30 inch waist. The belt feels loose on me with even the snuggest of fittings. I also wind up with a lot of excess belt line that I have to either wrap around the belt a second time or tug down my pants. Another drawback with the construction of the belt is the clasp, which is very bulky and uncomfortable where its positioned on your back. The colo-comfort belt naturally does not rest on your waistline, so comfort would seem to be a necessity as the name implies. However, I found the product to be far from comfortable. In addition to the bulky clasp and poor fit for slender builds, the pouch would begin to irritate me by the end of the day like a pair of shoes or jeans that have not been broken in. In defense of the product I still have an open wound from surgery on which the colo-comfort rested and this may very well be the cause of my discomfort. I do not see however because of both the size and sturdy material of the pouch cover how it could live up to the claim that its comfortable enough to sleep in.
In summary, the colo-comfort does a great job of both covering your ostomy bag and providing support. Its made of high quality material but does not deliver as well as I would like in the comfort category. The colo-comfort is a reasonable purchase at $24.95 if function is your primary concern.
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