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Preventing Type 2 Diabetes

Posted Sep 21 2010 11:34am

In doing some research I am obviously not going to remember all my citations.  This is an extremely bad thing since I cannot give credit where credit is due.  However, most of the information that I have found seems to be similar and is readily available.  So let's talk prevention.

One thing most experts are saying is to lose weight.  About 10 pounds seems to be the starting place.  Losing weight is easier said than done.  The reason being is there are often many reason someone cannot lose weight.  Refer to my weight lose article for further help in that area.  That being said, weight lose is a result of to much stress.  Stress can be either chemical, nutritional, or emotional.  Stress has to be tuned down so the body can heal itself.  So step one is to lose weight.

Step two would be to balance blood sugar levels.  There is an interesting study done about stabilized rice bran and the effectiveness of lowering blood glucose levels.

Pro-Inflammatory Enzymes, Cyclooxygenase 1, Cyclooxygenase 2, and 5-Lipooxygenase, Inhibited by Stabilized Rice Bran Extracts - Journal of Medicinal Foods June 2009 12(3).

This is a very important study because it shows that blood sugars can be balanced and normalized using natural methods.  I have seen this in my own practice.  Another way to balance blood sugars is with enzyme therapy and chiropractic adjustments.  Enzymes make sure the body is breaking down food properly eliminating the stress placed on the bowels.  This avoids leaky gut syndrome which contributes to insulin insensitivity.  Chiropractic adjustments can help because the nerves that go to the pancreas and the entire body come out of the spine.  If the nerves are not working properly the organ that is innervated by that nerve cannot be working properly.  This stress must be eliminated for health.

The last thing I am going to mention is diet and exercise.  Diet and exercise are vitally linked to both of the above points because a poor diet and lack of exercise will allow both of the above to happen.  A diet should contain a health amount (5-7 servings daily) of fruits and vegetables.  Fruits and veggies are easy for the body to break down and do not spike blood glucose levels.  Exercise is important to pump the lymphatic system and clean the body of literal crap that is between the cells.

Here is a generally starting place.  If there are any questions please leave feedback and I will address certain areas more specifically as need be!

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