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Post Surgery: 8 months later!

Posted Mar 11 2011 9:22pm

My gosh! Has it truly been 8 months since the takedown? It certainly doesn’t feel like it!
Well, the long and short of the my circumstances now I currently have: 4-6 bowel movements a day (with control)
My stomach gets upset very easily depending on what I eat so I usually take an acid reducer of a Gas X strip and the bubbliness goes away immediately.
I take Immodium once a day one hour before eating, and probiotics (acidophilus) after breakfast, in addition I also take two gummi multivitamins per day! :D
Physically, I feel pretty strong. I feel fantastic and sleep through the night!

Here is what remains of my adventures with colitis:

8 months after surgery

pretty small, eh? Anyone who is thinking about surgery should definitely ask about laproscopic procedures!

As for my diet, it is pretty balanced nowadays. I eat a good combination of fruit, veggies (although in larger portions these tend to give me diarrhea), protein, and carbs. It’s been really nice to reintroduce foods again and see what works and what doesn’t. For the most part, I haven’t run into any major problems. Every now and then, I get an awful stomach ache but a heating pad and a good night sleep usually fix me right up. I haven’t encountered any blockages, bleeding, or issues since the second surgery and won’t have to return to my doctor until September!
Life is moving forward at a rapid pace, something which I was desperately lacking a couple years ago. I thank my lucky stars every day that I had this surgery and received a second chance at life! It is truly miraculous….

Be well everyone!


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