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Possible pancreas problems?

Posted by Jules46

About 10 months ago I did a full GI workup including Barium CT scan of the abdomen, and upper and lower GI endoscope. All tests came back very fine. I was concerned about pancreatic cancer and both my Internal Medicine doctor, the GI specialist and the Radiologist told me that I did not have anything. The last 2 weeks I've been having very light brown stools that are sometimes loose and have a very little yellow tinge (my bilirubin levels the last year have ranged from 0.9-1.2). My stomach and intestines are constantly 'growling' and I occasionally experience some burning/fullness/indigestion. Also having some lower back muscle aching but have been walking a lot the last few days with a heavy briefcase. I'm very, very anxious about this and not being able to sleep.I've lost about 5 pounds as well and am not eating like normal. Is it possible for pancreatic cancer to grow in a 10 month time frame since I was just tested?
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