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PLEASE HELP! causes of abdominal pain, fatigue, swollen lymph glands in abdomen?

Posted by horsesrule1



I have been having non-specific abdomenal pain and fatigue for a few months now. I went to a GI specialist, and they did a CT scan of my GI tract. The results were normal except for some small swollen lymph nodes on my right side. I found this odd since most of the pain I experience is on my left side (but it tends to move around). I also had blood work done about 3 weeks ago (including a CBC) and the results were normal. (They also tested for mono- results were negative.) I've lost about 3 lbs of weight since I have been feeling nauseas on and off. Some days I can eat and I feel ok, other days I can't. Sometimes I feel bloated and gassy, but most of the time it is the pain that bothers me (also comes and goes). Not severe, scale of 3 out of 10. I also get exhausted really quickly when I exercise, but that could be b/c I'm eating less.

 I tried an elimination diet with no dairy products for a week (dr. recommended). Did not help. 

 FYI: I am 22 yr old, female.  I have had a history of abdomenal pain and constipation going back since high school (but no nausea or fatigue). At that time, the doctor I had then "thought" it might be IBS. Increased fiber in the diet which helped with constipation but not pain. In college, I had pain on and off usually on my lower left side. This might not be related but I also have a history of sinus infections (1-2 per yr). Had allergy testing last summer (RAST test)(for airborne allergies, not food) results were neg. total IgE count was low. Dr told me I have non-allergic rhinitis. Also did a CT scan of sinuses which was normal. I have tried about every sinus medicine available and nothing has helped much except decongestants. I also tend to get a lot of headaches which may be sinus related. Also have anxiety, and have been on paxil for about 3 yrs now- which has helped tremendously. Haven't been stressed lately, am unemployeed but financially stable so not really worried about anything except my health.

 What could this be? Why would my WBC be normal, but my lymph nodes swollen? Could this be a food allergy or intolerance? If it is an infection, shouldn't it gone away by now?






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