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Pills, pills, more pills, and a needle

Posted Jun 16 2009 12:22am
When I put together Rick's pills for the week I am amazed at the number of pills he has to take per day. Most people are blown away when they see his gigantic pill box full of his pills for the week.
When Rick first started taking his pills he would take only one or two at a time. So it would take a while to take a handful of pills. Nowadays he pops the entire handful in his mouth at once. I used to laugh at him when he would take his time to take one at a time. Now I call him my rockstar.

Currently he is taking 26 pills a day. Sometimes it is more depending on if he needs an antibiotic or steroids. He has to take calcium and vitamin supplements because the PSC and Crohns make it harder to absorb all the daily nutrition.

And then there is the weekly shot. Now this is my responsibility once a week. I have never been very good with needles and other "medical" things. But with Rick it doesn't bother me at all. I was taught in less than five minutes how to administer his weekly injection. Don't people go to school to learn how to do this? I mean really, shouldn't I have had a little more training before being expected to shove a needle into my husband's arm? I have been doing this for almost two years now and I still get nervous about hurting him. Rick has told me that getting this shot is very painful. Not from the needle but from the medicine. It apparently burns really bad, so I have to go very slowly so that it isn't as painful. Rick only wants me administering his shot because I know how slow to go. When he had his very first injection the person doing it did it very fast and he about came out of his skin. So ever since then he won't let anyone else do it. I guess he really does need me.

So until next time,


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