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Pictures of stoma

Posted Jun 02 2009 4:38pm

Let’s start with the beginning.

This is a picture of an unprotected stoma opening:


The following is a picture of a double stoma, the poor guy really looks beaten up.

Double stoma

How a stoma bag looks on you. As you can see, it can easily be hidden below the clothes and one can continue having a normal life, he/she just needs to be a little more carefull. Here’s the picture:

Stoma pouch

An important thing to be careful about when you have to take care of a stoma, you need to watch closely how the skin looks like around the stoma. For example, it is good to look like this :

Normal skin around stoma

On the other hand, if the skin around the stoma looks like the next picture for more than two pouch changes, you should check with your doctor as soon as possible:

Allergic dermatitis, how a stoma should not look

And one last picture for you, this is a more like a sketch and it represents a stoma resulting from a descending colostomy

Stoma from a descending colostomy

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