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pain beneath right rib cage and above pelvic bone

Posted by susie

I have a severe pain below and between the right rib cage and the pelvic that vicinity
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I, like you, have the same problem. This is what I think is the cause, in my case, after trying to understand just what has been happening over the last eight months.

Prior to the "pain" starting I had complained to my doctor that my right knee had become swollen and was "clicking". This, he said, was osteo arthritius.

Over a period of time I was aware that the clicking had stopped and that the pain had gone. It was after this that the pain in my back started.

I have now reached the conclusion that as a result of changing my posture, particularly when walking; I walk aproximately 20 miles per week, has whilst, relieving the knee pain, caused pressure to be exerted between my rigth hand rib cage amd the pelvic bone.

I am now taking care to reduce the load I am putting on my right side and trusting that this will bring postitive results.

All this might be an indication in respect to your difficulties.

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