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Paid It Forward To Me! Thank You Flossy-P!!

Posted Jun 15 2009 6:28pm

Pay It Forward From Flossy-P
Last May Flossy-P joined the Pay It Forward project. I was one of the first ones to sign up. Of course I signed up, I literally jumped at the chance. This woman is an increible artist and there was no way I was going to pass up an opportunity to receive something from her. Have you seen her Etsy Store? Right now she's a little light on stock, she has a whole bunch on her plate, but save the link and keep her in mind.
More photos after the 'read more' link.

Pay It Forward From Flossy-P
This is a little handmade purse, a handmade leaf button and a balancing dragonfly. It's supposed to balance on your finger but I think I'm doing it wrong because it stands on its head when it is on my finger.
Pay It Forward From Flossy-P
A greeting card created by Flossy-P

Pay It Forward From Flossy-P
Sprout by Flossy-P This one meant so much to me. The first time she showed this on her site I absolutely fell in love with it and now I am so happy to have it living in my home.

Pay It Forward From Flossy-P
Smitten by Flossy-P, another peice I absolutely loved. Actually I can't think of any that she has done that I haven't found to be wonderful. The photo is a bit shiny because I left it in its shipping plasting. I have a cat that loves the taste of watercolors and inks. While it can make for an interesting effect after she licks off a wide swath off of your painting, it's not something I wanted for Smitten.

Pay It Forward From Flossy-P
Two tatted doilies and a cool hanky. I really want to do something with that, just not sure what yet.

Pay It Forward From Flossy-P
A luscious and scrumptious cushion cover designed by Fleur Wood.

Pay It Forward From Flossy-P
And another shot of everything, and I also wanted to point out the little gift tag in the bag. Also by, of course, Flossy-P.
Thank you again, Flossy, this is so wonderful. I feel truly honored to receive your gifts.
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