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Posted by Kt G. Facebook

I've been ill since last Sunday, the 20th of January. Thinking it could be the winter bug, Norovirus, I haven't been to my doctors. I've had diarrhoea since, and vomited on the Tuesday morning but not since. I'm not entirely sure it is the winter bug, but am being cautious in case. I thought everything was okay come wednesday morning since I felt a lot better, but stupidly had a bowl of cereal with milk and that didn't settle well. I was okay with some twinges all the way until friday where it just returned to what it felt like on the Monday. I can hardly walk without it hurting, the only time this has happened to me was when I had bladder infection. My appetite is so low I can hardly stomach a few bites. My mum says if I am not better by Sunday, she wants me to get a doctor's appointment on Monday..

Does anyone know if it could just be the winter bug and when it is most likely to die down? Or if it is something else?



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