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New Project: Colon Free Food Diary!

Posted Sep 19 2012 11:44am

Two years after my ileostomy reversal. Two years! Wow. It is difficult to fathom. Is it possible? I couldn’t imagine my life without having had this surgery. A happy reminder that the decision was the right one. 

In light of this, I wanted to share with you a simple weekly food diary. I have had some questions from curious readers about what one’s diet is like with a j-pouch. Starting tomorrow and every day for the next week, I will be posting daily accounts of my food consumption and the…ahem, results. I will track the following:

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks: (what was eaten, whether it was home cooked/frozen/restaurant, how much was consumed, beverages, vitamins taken)

Time: (trust me, this matters)

Stools: (how many, what time, consistency)

Mood: (how I was feeling when I ate, after I ate, and if I took any medicine)

I feel it is important up front to say that although the following diet works for me, it is not meant to be a model of what others should be eating. Everyone’s body reacts in vastly different ways to what we put in it. I have used a food diary in the past for the specific purpose of tracking my meals and seeing how my body reacts to certain foods I eat post surgery. Sometimes, I have had to stop eating some foods but it doesn’t mean that they must be avoided forever. Coming back to them a month or two later and eating in small portions can do wonders! I know sometimes it is hard to keep a food diary but it is especially helpful when reintroducing foods into your diet after surgery.

Current height: 5’5″

Current weight: 138.7 

If this works out, I might start posting some of my own awesome go-to recipes for grumpy tummies. If you would like to see this, let me know! I may give it a shot. 

See you all tomorrow for COLON FREE FOOD DIARY: DAY 1!


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