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My Tongue VS Surgery: Round One

Posted Apr 01 2009 11:55pm

Time flies. Back on February 6th, I posted on this site about how long the wait was to see the GI at UCSF, and then, in a desperate attempt at optimism, threw out some possible perks to having UC. In your face, optimism! Turns out all I needed was a billion distractions and BAM! I saw the GI at UCSF last week and she referred me to Surgery. My Pre-Op consultation is this Friday the 3rd! I’ll hopefully have a huge update then.
In some sick, medical twist on Hansel and Gretel, the GI at UCSF is starting to fatten me up. I’m gunning for a 2,500 to 3,000 calorie diet, with an emphasis on carbs and protein. This sort of works in my favor, since I’m secretly training for the World’s Strongest Man competition anyway and am planning on lifting a small European car (with all Options included) to impress my boss. Not really, but I tell myself that as I’m taking protein supplements to help with my diet.
My biggest concern right now is my mouth. I’ve been going to the UCSF Oral Medicine department to have it checked out, and the most common thing I hear is “we’ve never seen this”. While I doubt I’m some medical anomaly, I want to check in with the UC and J-Pouch community to see if anybody has experienced or heard about this:
I have massive cracks (called fissures) on my tongue. They are deep canyons that look horribly painful, but I actually can’t feel. What I can feel are little ulcers on my tongue. Yeah. My tongue then becomes inflamed, swells up, and I have trouble eating (which sucks when you are trying to gain weight). The folk over at UCSF have never seen my specific condition, but they think it’s a strong chance that it’s related to the immune suppressants. There are also signs of a fungus infection and my gums are very sensitive. They are not sure how to treat it though. I had a total of four experts huddle around my mouth, taking dozens and dozens of awkwardly close pictures. And then the students came in and took even more pictures. I expect plenty of gift baskets if these students get A’s on their term papers.
My tongue looks really bad and they think there might be permanent scarring. I was going to post a picture on this site so you can see, but my conscience won’t let me.

The last person who saw my tongue

The last person who saw my tongue

The Oral Medicine department is now working closely with the GI department to make sure that my mouth’s treatment doesn’t counteract any surgery developments.
Has anyone heard of this, or experienced it first-hand?

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