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My child has gel-like blood in his stools and they are very, very loose but not necessarily diarrhea.

Posted by scaredmommy

We took him to the hospital and they ran blodd tests, did an ultrasound to rule out the intestine twisting, and they did an xray of his belly but they found nothing.  They told me to wait a week to see if it goes away on its own and it could be some type of virus.  Meanwhile, he is literally in agony when he has the bouts of mucus-and-bloody bowel movements.  I can't imagine going a whole week like this.  Is there anything at all that I can do to ease his pain or is there another idea on a diagnosis?
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Does he feel better when "lying in a ball"?  It sound like he could possibly have interssusception.  THis sometimes happens to children.   Let us know.  I hope he is ok.
That was a long time ago!  It did end up going away on its own.  Phew!  You are right on the money with your answer though because that was what they tested him for when we took him to the ER.  They did an ultrasound to make sure it was not interssusception (which I believe is when the intestines get pinched together similar to a hurnia?)  Anyway, I guess it was a virus.  Our pediatritions favorite diagnosis!  :-)  Thanks!
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