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My 9 year old son has been having involuntary stools. Normally with the slightest physical aactivity. How can I treat it?

Posted by Concerned mom

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My daughter suffered with this... the first diagnosis was severe constipation which caused a blockage causing the loose stool to leak around and come out involuntarily.  So this was why treatment with an anti-diarrheal medication was not advised.  She had a stretched colon which took a lot of attention with stool softeners and frequent sitting on the latrine for designated periods of time.  Ultimately this was caused by Celiac disease we found out.  A gluten/wheat allergy which as it turns out is not uncommon for people of Irish heritage.  Once on a gluten-free diet all the problems disappeared.  She is 16 now and knows if she eats a slice of regular pizza that she will get bloated and have bowel problems.  She is very good at self regulating and i cook gluten-free pastas and pancakes for her.
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