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More thoughts on kefir and a new Italian SIBO study

Posted Nov 04 2009 10:07pm

I’ve taken about an 8-day homemade kefir break and gone back to a more simplistic meat-and-eggs (and cheddar cheese) Atkins-style diet. I no longer feel like a zombie walking around but I’m still very tired. I’m going to start a new batch of kefir tonight (my grains have been sitting in milk for a week) as I just can’t buy into it being a black and white thing – as in kefir is really good or really bad for me….I think I just need to drink a much smaller amount each day.

I’m still having the body aches and pains. I haven’t gotten around to getting back on the VSL. I’ve been taking the peppermint oil and oregano oil again (natural anti-microbials) although this recent thread from some folks in the Rosacea community doesn’t give me much hope that these efforts will assist in bringing any lasting relief.  The bloating was pretty awful yesterday even though I ate above the line all day. I am about to start my cycle so I’m not freaking out about it. I’m even having small amounts of sugar today since the bloating is coming of its own free will. Myperiod = cravings for chocolate. I’m only human.

Still working through some complex thoughts on the constant return of digestive symptoms for those of us who experience great luck with Xifaxan. It really seems to be the norm, not the exception. I found a few old articles that I won’t even bother linking where Pimentel notes that patients can experience symptom relief for around 10 weeks. This is a fair enough number if 1) Xifaxan didn’t cost so much for off-label use and 2) it actually happened for most folks.

So I didn’t find any new research on reoccurance, but I did find a new Italian study on SIBO in children. Enjoy the abstract here.

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