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Mayo Clinic

Posted Jun 16 2009 12:22am
On July 5 th Rick and I will board an airplane and head to Rochester Minnesota to see Dr. Lindor at the Mayo Clinic. Why you may ask. Because we have decided that if we were going to get a second opinion we might as well get one from the best. And well the best is at Mayo. So needless to say we are getting ready for a very big adventure. Rick's PSC has been giving him some trouble lately. Not so much in the way of pain, but his eyes have turned yellow and his blood work has been not so good. He has had some test results that have contradicted themselves and we are wanting a more solid picture of what is actually happening.

Like I said in a previous post, PSC affects everyone differently. Rick has been lucky because he has only had one cholangitis attack. Cholangitis is an infection in the bile ducts and causes fever, chills, nausea, and other not so cool things. However he has had jaundice lately with the yellowing of his eyes. And mood swings and feeling irritable can also be side effects of the PSC as it progresses. Lets just say that Rick has been a little moody lately. He had said that little things were really bothering him and so I put it together that it may be the PSC. We are working on putting together things to talk with Dr. Lindor about at Mayo.

We will be gone for eight days. This will be Rick's first airplane trip. And this will be the longest that I have ever been away from the girls. Rick has worked out of town for a week before but I have never been gone for that long. I know Samantha will be okay because she somewhat understands what Daddy has and why we are going. But Megan is Mommy's Girl and she doesn't want me to leave her. This is going to be hard on me too. It is going to be tough to go through so much medical testing without any other family around for support. That is actually the reason I started this blog. I thought that if I got it up and going before we left that while we were gone our family and friends could support us through this blog. I will be updating constantly while we are away and hoping for a little love from home to cheer us up.

So the countdown to the big adventure begins. We leave in 16 days. I have two weeks to get everything set up, washed, and packed. That should be plenty of time except that the day after we get back from Mayo we are leaving for the lake. So not only do I have to pack for Mayo, and pack the kids to stay at grandma's house, I also have to have everything ready for the lake vacation as well. Geesh...what have I gotten myself into. Oh well. The trip to Mayo will be well worth it. And we should be coming home with lots of information.

So until next time,
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