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Living With Colitis: Note To A Friend Part 2

Posted Jun 06 2011 4:18pm

Here is part two of my living with colitis, note to a friend which is the actual help and advice I gave him so he could face up to the reality of being diagnosed with coltis and how he required to alter his day to day routine to adapt for the challenge to living with colitis. At the time he was suffering quite severe colitis symptoms.

“If you do not rest completely, you are not giving the bowel and medication any chance to fight the inflammation and to ensure that it is reduced in its entirety. What will happen is that the symptoms will keep reappearing after a false period of better health. You will be going round in circles with symptoms then feeling a little better, dive back into life and the symptoms reappear. You will not attain good health again irrespective of the amount of steroids that you take.

Stress will then be a factor which, surprise, surprise will bring on symptoms. You have to stop “feeding” the disease. Counter it with lots of rest, eliminate the stress that you place upon yourself both physically and mentally and respect the disease that you have been diagnosed with.

Change diet immediately. Snack only when really hungry, no meals. No roughage, nothing that will antagonise the bowel. In fact, if symptoms are being experienced, the best course of action is no or very little plain food. Take medicated drinks, Fresubin and Fortisip as a substitute for food as they contain all minerals and supplements required.

You will loose weight but that is not the problem facing you. Maintaining a healthy diet does not matter when symptoms are being experienced. Small snacks of bland and boring or a dozen trips to the toilet in a two hour period. There is always a choice.

You must give your body a chance to find a way of controlling the disease. At this stage surgery is not the answer. It is about testing, varying, trying, eliminating and finding what works for you. Get back into remission then find out how your body adapts to normal life again. Then experience going back into a relapse. You should experience this before any thoughts of surgery arise.”

It may sound tough but I had to lay down the facts about the path in front of him. I wanted him to recognise that being diagnosed with colitis was not a minor irratation. It can change your life irrevocably.

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