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Living With Colitis And The Dangers Of Complacency

Posted Feb 10 2011 4:00am

Anyone who is living with colitis has to recognise that when the symptoms of colitis begin to subside or when you have enjoyed a period of remission, there is always the danger that you get complacent. After a period of symptoms, you must not waver from the slow but steady path back to full health again.

It can be very tempting to revert to normal mode without taking account of what your system has just endured. You need to gently reintroduce yourself to daily life including diet and activities. It is the same when you have had a period of remission. You may put colitis to the back of your mind and feel you are almost immune from its lurking danger…

By eating foods that can trigger symptoms, putting too much physical and particularly mental strain on your body will increase the danger of a relapse happening. Just remember that even though the disease is sleeping, it is forever there.

I can hold my hand up and plead guilty to a time when I was suffering mild symptoms. There was a period of a week when the symptoms were present but only mild. Rather than listen to experience, I did the opposite and thought “well it was only very mild symptoms and they are receding so I think I will join in the fun”. This was during a Summer when lots was happening. I did “join in the fun” for one weekend and yes…it was back to bed, the symptoms were back at a level slightly more than mild and this put recovery back one week.

So please do not become complacent, don’t yield to temptation and think it will be alright. Colitis is a nasty disease. And by being resolute with your colitis management techniques, you can be controlling as best you can of what it throws at you.

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