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Liver Disease Awareness Month

Posted Oct 06 2009 10:02pm
I betcha didn't know that October is Liver Disease Awareness Month. There isn't a lot of people with green ribbons running around trying to raise money and awareness to cure liver disease. There also doesn't seem to be a lot of people interested in liver disease.

Liver disease carries a stigma of being an "alcoholics" disease. Seriously, it does. I have had some interesting looks from people when explaining that Rick has a liver disease. Especially from people that don't really know us. The first thing people seem to think of when they hear that someone has liver disease is that they must be drinkers, or drug users.

It is sad that I have to explain that no my husband is not sick because of drinking, but that he is sick because he got a bad hand in life. Rick has liver disease and very rarely drank alcohol. We often joke now that it is too bad that we didn't drink more when we were younger.

My blog friend Shawnee has been posting some liver disease facts. I will probably "borrow" some of her facts and post them here throughout the month. I am trying to help remove the stigma from liver disease.

So stay tuned for some fun liver facts.

Until next time,
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