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Keeping Your Eyes Open For Colitis Symptoms

Posted Aug 21 2009 12:10pm

One of the most important things to do wherever you are on your colitis journey is to listen to your body.

What do I mean by this?

Simply, always be aware of how you are feeling and if your body is operating in its “default” mode.

When in remission, is the bowel functioning as per normal without any hick ups to normal patterns and how to assess any abdominal discomfort?
When having a relapse, is the period in question becoming too long, are the trips to the toilet becoming ever greater, is the pain at its usual intensity?
When the default mode is breached, however slightly, this could indicate a developing potential problem.

I developed a specific way to ensure that when I had a relapse that I could measure its progress. If it deviated from this established plan, I could take action fast. With an ileostomy and now a j pouch, I know what to expect in terms of frequency and what to look for to maintain this.

Ensure you do listen to your body. It can be very important to your future wellbeing.

It is all about effective management of colitis symptoms.

Do you know how to?

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