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Just under rib feels bruised when pushed on left side

Posted by onehappycamper

Over the past few weeks I have had some minor stomach discomfort.  I always felt hungry and would often feel that way after eating, often for hours at a time.  I started to take probiotics and the discomfort has gone - as too the hunger pains.  However, as part of that time I felt I often had a stitch like pain just directly below my left bottom rib, about a finger's width under the rib.  That too went after I had the probiotics.  I've been feeling ok for the last week or two, however in the last day in the same place where I felt the stitch, I now have the feeling of a bruise - especially when the area is pressed.  The area of soreness is only the size of a small coin, however there is no markings of a bruise or a lump.  This has gradually become more sore over the last couple of days.  Thinking it may be a muscular issue I have used a Voltaren Gel on the area.  I am 32, male, non-smoker, non-drinker.
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i have the same symptoms. almost identical. 32 yr old female. how long ago was this? did you get a diagnosis?
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