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Just a quick note about Prednisone

Posted Jan 18 2009 2:11am

prednisone I just wanted to make a quick note about Prednisone, as many people with UC (and many other diseases) end up taking it. Back when UC was a very minor part of my life, my biggest fear (because surgery didn’t even seem like a possibility) was having to take Prednisone. I try to talk to the physicians out of prescribing it, but eventually it made sense as the next step in trying to manage my UC. I was freaking out about the side-effects, the weight gain, the moon face, the long-term consequences.

But when I started taking it, it made me feel better and I had almost no side-effects. I had some difficulty sleeping and I didn’t feel full as quickly (my satiation point seemed to disappear somewhat) but that’s it. When I was in the hospital, I was on ridiculously high amounts and it really didn’t effect me much. I was concerned because it looked like I would be taking it once a year or so for about a month, but the physician told me that taking it that infrequently probably didn’t have much effect long-term.

I’m not saying that Prednisone is pleasant and I know that some people have absolutely awful experiences with it. I just want to point out that it can make you feel a lot better and if medically it makes sense for you to try it, know that it may not be as awful as you anticipate.

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