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J-Pouch Jesus

Posted Nov 28 2010 10:55pm

So, I feel a bit like I’ve been raping the homepage lately.  In my defense, there’s been a lot going on and I’m under the impression that you guys are fascinated with my suffering.  Just joking.  Actually, I come to you now in a state of gratitude and excitement.  After years of trying to deal with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) with medicine, surgery, more medicine, more surgery, natural remedies, you name it, I am finally going to see the puppet-master of J-pouches, Dr. Bo Shen.  If you’ve read the board lately, you know or have heard of Dr. Shen.  He is a gastro at Cleveland Clinic in Ohio and is pretty much the bee’s knees when it comes to J-pouch problems.  He recently published a paper about IgG4 Pouchitis which is a fascinating discovery.  He’s on the cusp of all new research because he’s the one doing it.  His patients love him because he is kind and he knows his shit.   I would be a big fat (thanks, Prednisone) liar if I told you I wasn’t batshit crazy excited to be doing scope prep. tomorrow, driving seven hours to Cleveland with my mom in order to have a scope and clinic visit on Tuesday with Dr. Shen.  I am excited because maybe, just maybe, after over a decade of fighting this fucking disease, I will get some answers, and hopefully, a solution.  I’ve porked-up a solid ten pounds since being on Prednisone over the past month for lupus.    I’m interested to see what state my pouch is in sans Humira, but ‘roided up.  It feels unhappy despite my steroid-savior.

As I journey to Cleveland, have my innards examined, blood and tissues meticulously searched for anomalies, and decoded by my J-pouch Jesus, you, dear readers, will have a front-row seat.  I will photograph, video, and all-around-document my experiences there, and hopefully come back to you with new, promising news in the world of IBD and J-pouch medicine.

Wish me luck!

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