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It's the Other Daughter Again...

Posted Jun 15 2009 6:29pm

Hello! General salutations and all that. Now, as Rayne put it, she's having trouble thinking and didn't give me much to report other than she's alive and she spent the whole day out of bed (woot!). I can verify the statement.
She is going for a treatment tomorrow, being the first time the port gets used... yay? She would also like you to believe that she is a GOOD patient, but I'm sure you all know that, don't you?
Today didn't give much in the way of excitement. I stayed home because I have allergies and we (Rayne and I) spent the morning listening to music. Dad (whatever I'm supposed to call him) came home and then he and Rayne went to WALMART (*cue ominous music and such*). Nothing of interest seemed to happen there, not that they told me any way. With dinner we watched a movie that was recorded with our new (ish) DVR, Bender's Big Score. Also, Rayne's arm and general right side still hurt too much to be used much. Not that she's an invalid.
And so that is all she told me to say and anything I could think of relating to Rayne and today so I hope it staves you for a bit. Ta.

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