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It’s been a lil over a year since J~pouch surgery!

Posted May 11 2010 9:33pm

Hello everyone it has been a while since being here on the blog.. we missed you all and your stories that we can connect with you on.  If you are new to the blog or if you are not familiar with Ricardo’s story he (this is his wife Christine updating his status) has a genetic disease called FAP and a year ago he went to the Doctor for a colonoscopy to find out he needed to get his colon removed due to the polyps in his colon.  Well it has been a year later and Ricardo is doing very well.  He is coming up on his one year check up and we are hoping for good results!  Ricardo is eating well and feeling good.  He goes to the gym 4-5 days a week, he has gained all his weight back from before and is continuing to recover as expected.

On the other end let me discuss a few things that are complicated with the new J~pouch, there isn’t very many but there are a couple which is depending on what he eats sometimes the bathroom is his best friend for the day or night, and with that comes skin irritations (butt burn) that he gets from using the restroom so much.  I think for Ricardo it is really a matter of what his diet is like.. too much greasy foods has caused this.. too much beer can cause this as well.  Other than episodes as mentioned he is living a normal life with his J~pouch and has adjusted as good as he’s wanted to.  In Ricardo’s situation it is a little different which I mentioned before he didn’t have pain or discomfort beforehand he just had to remove his colon to prevent colon cancer due to the amount of polyps in his colon as well as his genetic disease it would have eventually caused colon cancer so this was preventive surgery so with his situation the pain and discomfort didn’t start till after surgery but we are glad and very happy with the end results as of today and glad we had the opportunity to have such a surgery that potentially saved his life!

Here are a few pics since our last posting…

Enjoying food! Lot's of food :-)

Green Beer for St. Patty's Day~enjoying a beer is no problem!

We have traveled so much sun and snow and all has been great! At the snow 2 hours away from home and only bathroom around port a potty :-)

Family vacation to the bay!

In the RedWoods... another trip! I am telling you we are happy, healthy, and very thankful!

Our anniversary this year a trip to Saucelito.

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