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Is this info just chronic constipation?

Posted by Brenda J.

I have gerd also and have been to hospital one time and had all the blood test and nothing had shown up at that time. (heart attack symptoms). I had alot of pain in upper stomach and back.

Today cold tingling pins and needles in toes, leg, hand,shoulder radiating on both sides the right worst.  I have no shortness of breath, vetigo, etc. It is also in my lower back now.

Yesterday I took miralax and this morning milk of magnesia.  I started to drink fleet and it said not to if taking water pill so I did not.

Can you help?  I end up in the hospital all the time with nothing wrong except constipation, gerd, or panic attack. I know this is not a panic attack.. I forgot I have multiple sclerosis also!

Thank you,

Brenda Johnson

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