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Is there is any problem if I get pregnant with a chronic crohns desease patient. He is taking immuran and infliximab

Posted by shaji

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He is probably taking immuran OR infliximab, not at the same time.  What kind of problem are you expecting? You are the one to carry the baby? There is not enough info right now on what are the chances of genetically carrying over Crohns from the father... Because there is still not even one confirmed cause for Crohns disease. There is no yes or no answer for you. The only thing I can add is that with the way things are going:our environment, diet, polution, contaminated water, etc- we don't know who has better genetic material to make children. So many "healthy" people have autistic children... But always try to have his Crohns under control. I have a webstite with lots of useful info Good luck, Inna  
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