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is stomach inflammation the cause for muscle inflammation on the arms?

Posted by velliammal

had  typhoid  twice.  then  the  stomach  started  to   get  irritated  if   oil  changed  or  if  the   food  was  infected_irritable  bowel  syndrome.  now  there  is  muscle  inflammation   are  these  two   connected?
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If they have both appeared at similar times, there is likely to be a connected (although it is difficult to provide any conclusive information without further details). Often, the bacteria in the intestines becomes disturbed after an infection, which can allow opportunistic yeast to colonize the area. Not only does this cause irritation and inflammation in the abdomen but, should microbial translocation (eg moving from gut to the bloodstream) occur, then symptoms can begin to appear all over the body. Try severely reducing your carbohydrates for a few days and, if you feel something of a die-off reaction but an improvement in your muscles, then you have your answer.

Hope this helps, Marek - London Nutritionist

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