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Is slate gray soft stool in constipated baby healthy?

Posted by Bradyn's Gram

My grandson was intermittently breastfed from birth due to lactation problems, with supplemental formula. Gas, hiccups, regular spit ups prevented sleep. Soy formula alone did not change the picture. Good Start without DHA/ARA (based on our research) was the only formula to provide semi-comfort and facilitate sleep. He continues to strain, which induces spit-up/vomiting. Stools come out slate gray like toothpaste (so, not true constipation) looking and smelling like sludge from a sewer. While she did not view the actual stool, his pediatrician said this is normal. I am a holistic health care practitioner and do not agree. He is 4 months and has been teething, although the doctor said no teeth will be erupting anytime soon. My online research reflects this is not a "standard" color, formula-fed or otherwise. It changes on occasion under homeopathic remedies, with some seedy brown pieces at the end. His overall health is good with the support of professional homeopathic care. Your experience/ideas are welcome.
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