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Is it possible to have gallstone pains in the abdomen after your gallbladder is removed or do I have something else wrong?

Posted by puckerup

About a week after having my second daughter (c-section) I began having symptoms of nausea, diarrhea, constipation, and bad breath. I mentioned this to my ob-gyn when I was in for my check up and he said it sounded like I had gallbladder problems. He sent me to a surgeon who then ordered an ultrasound. I was told that I had "sludge" but no stones, but that they still advised me to have my gallbladder removed laproscopically. I did about a week later. Previous to this I had occasional pain in my upper abdomen on the left side but nothing that I didn't just shrug off. I also began having what I thought were panic attacks (heart racing, dysrrhythmias, numbness and tingling, feeling like I was having a heart attack) but now looking back I wonder if they were actually gallbladder attacks. These attacks always seemed to be in the evening and nothing that I could find was triggering them except it was always an hour or two after I would eat.

I am having occasional pains in the same area of my abdomen again and the occasional "attack" although they aren't as severe. I do notice that if I don't keep a close watch on what I eat that this seems to get worse. I have also lost about seven to eight pounds without trying this last few weeks. Was I misdiagnosed or is it possible to still have issues after your gallbladder is removed?

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