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Is A Colitis Relapse Seasonal?

Posted Sep 11 2009 10:58pm

Here is some interesting news about the quandary of whether a colitis relapse is seasonal.

I read the following in a recent publication:

” I was diagnosed with UC four years ago and I have suffered flare ups at the same time of year for the past three years. It starts around mid January building up to April - May and reducing on its own. I’m on a low does of steriods and azathioprine and have deliberately not increased these to prove that my condition will get better on its own. Is this just coincidental?”

The answer given was…

” There has been quite a lot of research done to explore the posssibilty of seasonal variation of IBD. A number of early studies sufggested that UC might occur more frequently in the winter months and it was speculated that this might relate to the presence of certain winter viruses or lack of sunlight exposure. However, more recent studies have failed to show any clear seasonal variation at all and it is now fairly well accepted that on average IBD occurs equally all year round.”

So no earth shattering discovery there but you should always bear in mind that colitis can predictably flare up at certain times of the year. This may just be coincidental, but as there is no proven reason for the causes of a flare up, it is possible that it may be due to individual factors such as seasonal stresses or lifestyle factors.

It is so important for those diagnosed with colitis to be aware of and know the tell tail signs of a looming relapse…or is it just a short term appearance of colitis symptoms that go away as quickly as they appeared?

Your colitis relapse answers are here.

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