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Invasion of Toast and Pojo! (Older daughter and older daughter's boyfriend)

Posted Jun 15 2009 6:29pm

Rayne would like you all to know that she did indeed survive her surgery, no thanks to the doctors. The "easy" half hour surgery turned into a three and a half hour fiasco. She specifically told them that she can NOT have general anesthesia, but they did it anyway, so now she feels really crappy. After she woke up, there was ambiguous talk about some part of the port potentially being in her lung, but thankfully it wasn't, and there's one more bandage (including a mystery hole) than there should be. All of this has made her rather unhappy.

So now she's just resting, while many cats sleep on her and the tiny hamster occaisionally visits. She has also been forced to listen to me talk about my new ultra-sexy fish tank. She seems to think she is alert, but we're not sure.

Pojo says "oogabooga?" which is apparently the only thing that Rayne has been able to understand today. Oh, and according to Pojo, Rayne bit my cat. (She says the cat bit her first, but still...)

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