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Intestinal Parasites and Cottage Time!

Posted May 21 2010 12:00am
I forgot to mention in yesterday's blog that one of the reasons i MAY have developed IBS is because I contracted a ruthless little intestinal parasite in 1999 when I was working in Cuba. I came home after 3 weeks in Havana doing work and living with families in their homes, and a day after I was home my body just FREAKED THE F$*% out! I had the dystended stomach, constant ravenous hunger and the other not-so-easily-described-without-grossing-you-out symptoms for 3 months, and although it was killed (I like to think of it being brutally destroyed), I have read that IBS sufferers often have had a parasite from water or food (like Giardia) in their lives that irreversibly upsets the balance of friendly bacteria in the intestines.

So, like I said yesterday, there is no one reason or cause for IBS, and even though I had a parasite from travelling, that doesn't necessarily mean that is what caused it. So frustrating!
This is pretty much the scientific explanation of intestinal parasite infection:

I should have seen if something like this would have been an option
So I just reviewed my daily charts from the past 17 days of the challenge, and I have had dairy 8 times, alcohol 8 times, worked out 10 times and eating bad food 3 times.

Not impressed with myself.
It’s definitely better than before, with dairy and alcohol being a guest star in almost every 24 hour period for me, but still….step it up Devo!

I made the Vegan Kookies with cashews, groats and organic chocolate last night, and they are SO GOOD. So delicious! So hearty and sweet and nutty and natural tasting! MMMMMMMMMMM! This has opened a whole new world for me of “no bake” sweets and treats. I can’t wait to do more raw food, and especially try to make
flax tortillas with our dehydrator.

I got a gift card for $40 worth of loose tea from
Teopia today…I’m running straight there after work to get some tasty “keep me from having a glass of wine on weekdays” blend.

I’m pretty excited for the cottage weekend. The place is a little house on a 1-acre island that my sweetie’s family owns, and there’s no electricity or running water, just gas lamps, wood stoves and water pumps. Its so nice to just nap, read, eat, repeat for 3 days straight, and the company couldn’t be nicer! Also, I’ll just get to daydream about my future as a student (again) and go fishing!

Porch for BBQ-ing and Drinking and Napping and Dancing.......

Wood stove to keep us toasty and toast up some bacon!

The cutest little kitchen!


I skipped bootcamp last night because I was at the bank for 90 minutes and by the time my appointment was over, bootcamp had already started, plus I'm kinda lazy and I was exhausted from the bank appointment, so I just went home and had a chicken on a pita with tomato instead and played in the kitchen. Our friends Amy and Mike were over and Amy agreed with me that the one thing we always want to do when we're stressed about, or even just preoccupied with, money, is to BAKE SOMETHING. Get the hands dirty, make something and then shove it in your face. Push all those gross money feelings wayyyyy down. Stuff Stuff Stuff. At least I made healthy stuff :)

Again, not impressed with myself last night. I woke up this morning regretting skipping the class, but hey, what're ya gonna do?

I will make up for it tonight at the gym and then have delicious fish for dinner, do laundry and hit the sack early for our morning departure to the cottage.

Have a good weekend everyone!

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