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Insert Something Interesting Here Because I'm Fresh Out of Ideas

Posted Jun 15 2009 6:29pm

I have been a busy little bee. Or is that beaver? I never get those things right. Both are busy so I guess either one will do. Now that I think about it...I think I would rather be a bee. Beavers are kind of scary.
I have all sorts of stuff to show you, and tell you and there is even something extra super special coming up where I am going to give some of you presents. Of course, you are going to have to do something in exchange, but it's a fun thing, so don't worry. More details on that coming soon.
I've actually been finishing projects. Some of them might have done better being unfinished, but at least they were a learning experience.
The port is healing up nicely, although the skin over the port bruises easily and that sort of freaks me out. They said that when I gain more weight that shouldn't happen as much.
Spring looks like it has finally arrived but I'm watching the weather forecast with a wary eye. They can't really seem to make up their minds what it's going to do. At one point yesterday they were saying we might get more snow this weekend. Now they are saying thunderstorms and rain. As long as they aren't saying tornadoes I'm okay with it. It's getting to be that time of year here. When the trees bloom, the flowers show their bright colors, baby squirrels frolic in the trees, humming birds make an appearance in the morning, bats come out at night. Bats are actually pretty cool to watch by the way. As long as they aren't too close. Construction and road repair is happening all over the place. Huge potholes are appearing in the roads seemingly over night. Why this is a spring time phenomena in this place I do not know. What is it about spring that makes the roads suddenly develop huge holes? Maybe, like the tooth-fairy, Nebraska has a resident pothole troll. Everything is just waking up and bursting forth and before you know it, mach 20 whirlwinds of death will descend from the sky and suck everything all up and spit it out as kindling.
Maybe it's just nature's way of giving us something to do.

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