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IF - Insect

Posted Jun 15 2009 6:30pm

This week's subject is Insect. I draw bugs all the time, from butterflies to beetles. Bugs, bugs, bugs. Easy and fun. So, when I saw the subject I was like, "Oh, no problem, I'll have mine up early this week." Nope. Didn't happen. I couldn't pick one, I drew clock work beatles, intricate spider webs, and butterfly/flower things and all of them just lay there looking wretched. Last night I was doodling and came up with this little critter and as rough as it is, I like it. She's cute. I think she is, anyway. Even carries over the tea thing from last week. Hope you guys like her. Oh, and I'm not really sure what a caterpillar qualifies as, I know a butterfly is an insect and so that means a caterpillar has to be, right? Or maybe a pre-insect?

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