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Posted by Suzy Que

For the last 12 months I've been caring for a dying parent. I haven't really been keeping up with my health, just noticing that my body has been changing, possibly in reaction to the stress. Just before my mother died last week, I was diagnosed w/a UTI. After 2 unsuccessful med attempts, I finally settled w/amoxicillin and took it for duration. But, since then, I've had terrible gas and bloating and difficult to pass stools, just wouldn't come for hours and hours and this would create the bloating pressure in my, what I think is, lower abdomen. 

So, my doc started me on bentyl.  My B.M. schedule seems to be returning and the BM itself appears normal in color and consistency. I am between menstrual cycles, w/signs of PMS. It's the bloating, distended tummy, that is concerning me. There's no pain. After I've passed, it feels empty but still firm. I've had bloating before but don't remember if it was like this. A year of caregiving has turned my body upside down. Generally, after eating, the abdomen feels hard, but once I pass the bowels, it softens. I've been on bentyl for one week and other than feeling worried, I feel pretty good. There is no gurgling in my stomach, or not significant gurgling. I've occasional middle back pain which my doc thinks is from the physical work I do.

I have gained @4# in the last month...lots of eating and overeating and much of this due to stress. I am 45 yo. Often, my tummy is always large often w/o pressure. 

Should I give the bentyl another week? My doc has scheduled me for a colonoscopy just to be sure. She told me she thinks it's IBS but my father had colon tumors. I have a lot of confidence in her but always looking for more understanding. Thanks! 

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