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I realize its been a while between posts

Posted Jan 24 2013 12:00am
The last time I wrote was over a month ago. At that time I had been dealing with some pain along my incision line, which had just subsided but was still in some discomfort. I also was dealing with a wound that would not close and unrelated to the hernia repair an infected cyst on my back. Yet I was ready to return back to work. That was now over a month ago. I've taken things a bit easier this time around and haven't rushed into the P90X workouts or run 3 miles after having a wound vac removed. I have started walking several miles quite briskly on my treadmill at the steepest incline to get a good workout in without moving things to much. I've also started off with some modified push-up so as to take it easy on my mid-section. I'm waiting for a green light from Dr. Mantyh when I see him on February 5th to pick up my exercise regimen and discuss what limitations if any that I might have. Generally I am satisfied with the outcome. I no longer have the level of discomfort when eating that I had prior to the surgery. Nor do I have the extreme swelling either. There is still a little unevenness and swelling around my stoma from time to time, generally after a meal but I guess after 4 surgeries over the past 3 years I can't be too particular. My midline incision scar from the prior surgeries was tidied up, which pleased me. However there is still a small cavity in the same area where it was previously discovered that I had a diastasis recti. Dr. Mantyh was quick to dismiss any idea of a recurring hernia so early after surgery given all the mesh they inserted in my abdomen. The immediate improvement I saw in ostomy output disappeared a week after surgery, which I mentioned previously and has never really returned. I'd say I probably go to the bathroom at least 12 times or more a day to empty my bag, which certainly isn't ideal but the goal was to be pain and drug free and that I feel I have finally accomplished. My mother-in-law has gone home and while I appreciated her help its nice for everyone to get back into their routine. She was a great help and helped out even further when I had to leave for a business conference in Orlando last week as she stayed with her grandson for the week. Traveling with the ostomy is always an adventure. I had my emergency kit in my cary-on searched. I was also asked at security about my stealth belt, which showed up on the x-ray machine and had my appliance checked for explosives. The good news for me is that with my wife's platinum status I was able to get upgraded to first glass going and coming, which meant easy access to the first class bathroom on the plan and free scotch. Over the holidays I decided to give scotch another try, understanding that it is an acquired taste. What do you know after 39 years I acquired the taste. A glass of scotch and a cigar on the weekend has turned into a real treat. Without the ostomy I would have never been able to enjoy the occasional glass of scotch. I'm getting back into the swing of things at work and hope to really perform at a top level this year at my job if I can stay out of the hospital. To my surprise I had a very favorable review for the year despite missing nearly a third of the year due to multiple surgeries. There are plenty of thoughts and musings about life with an ostomy that I have had over the past month and a half that I have been meaning to share but haven't. I must admit to often being too busy or having too much going on. I hope to do better as the year progresses and this post is a step in that direction.
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