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i have yelllow postules at the follicul about my neck and upper chest, past 10 years errupting badly 1x year for 10 years, has b

Posted by Jules75

i find that before such ans outbreak i crave sugar. I mean crave!  I have been using metrosol on my skin daily as weel becasue i have rosacea on my face. I suffered dermatitis as a child starting about age three on my feet, the soles, this moved to my hads in elementary, so horribly I lost skin and fingernails. In my teens it was  on my lower arms and milder on my hands. In my forty's it became these yuellow postules. I amd 53 now, the outbreaks has lessoned, it was 3 times a years, then once a year now, less of an outbreak of folliculitis, but painful and ugley. It was 3 years ago, possible 1000's of follicles inflamed, now it is a couple hundred. Can this be candida, and by watching my sugar over the past 10 years, have I gained some headway on it?
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