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I have been feeling discomfort around my liver on and off for the last year with weight gain and frequent abdominal swelling.

Posted by Kacco

I have been feeling discomfort around my liver on and off for the last year along with weight gain and rather frequent abdominal swelling. My discomfort feels like a tense diaphragm or swollen liver (I know that feeling because I had mono about 13 years ago with very swollen liver.) I participate in very active sport, but the swelling and weight gain catches up with me anyways. To me, it's unusual as I have always been very thin (slightly below average IBM). Occasionally, I get episodes of vomitting. Tried reducing alcohol, reducing fat, reducing salt... (all without cutting completely). Please help.
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I understand how you feel i have had scleroderma for the past 3 years and with it i have alot of stomach swelling and have gained alot of weight and i feel like their is more going on than what the doctor's have told me is wrong with me. And now i am having swelling in my feet and ankles. I have been reading about something called Ascites, where you retain fluid in your stomach cavity. you might want to ask your dr. about this. I am going to talk to my Dr. about it. Good luck to you. susan.
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