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I don’t even have to tear my hair out!

Posted May 20 2009 1:20pm

See how I did that? I was trying to be funny…you know, a clever lead-in to the topic of discussion…never mind.
So hair loss post-surgery. Yucktacular! It happens, between the drugs from UC, the stress, the lack of proteins, it’s inevitable. I freaked out for the first four months thinking my hair would never grow back. It thinned out so much that I couldn’t do anything with it at all! Gross me out and gag me, right? Everytime I brushed my hair, showered, leaned over, or even coughed (true story!) my hair came out in small clumps. It’d be all over everything! I felt like a sheep dog! After I started working again, I went and got a haircut, trimmed, conditioned, relayered-the whole package. It amazing within the last month and a half how much my hair has grown! I use a special protein revitalizing spray by Eufora after I shower. My hair looks worlds better than it did last year. Every day that passes is an improvement if you can believe it! I noticed in asking around that many women have gotten shorter cuts to allow their hair the chance to grow back in new. I’ve also read about shampoos that contain Nioxin help as well. I’ll be honest; I haven’t looked into this method. In addition, I’m told taking 2000mg of Biotin every day can strengthen your hair (nails as well!) So take your pick; try all three; go nuts! Time is the biggest factor though, like all ordeals in the post-op world. Your body needs months to recuperate; our physical functions return to their normal state little bits at a time. Planting a new seed requires time and patience to grow. So do we.
I’m actually missing the hair loss in some respects. Shaving wasn’t as much of a chore back then…

Take care, all! Best of health! Registered & Protected

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