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I can't sleep because of abdominal movement , hand movement, head jerking

Posted by Thaman

I can't eat any diary products,and i m on very strict diet. Moreover, vegetables able to eat such as cucumbers, tomatoes, broccoli. I can't even drink cold water that will causes abdominal movements, arm movements and head jerking stomach pain as well. I have been to every doctor  such as general doctor,neurologist,ENT specialist and went for sleep study but  he or she won't be able to help me. I have very dry and itcy skin as well as blurry vision, tingling and numbess in my hands and legs. Day to day, my health is detrioting, there nothing out there help me.
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I would try going to a neurologist or neuro-muscular specialist. Some of the symptoms sound like a disorder of the nervous system.  If you are near a major med center, such as Houston, so much the better.

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