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Hypnotise Me

Posted May 12 2011 12:53pm

Well, yesterday I visited the hypnotherapist for my free consultation. My appointment was at 7pm and I figured it would probably take about 30mins as it was free; an hour and a half I was there!

The session was held in a small room in town just full of images and objects, like a hypnotherapy grotto. We started off with Jim (the hyponotherapist) asking me some basic questions such as name, job, family, why I was there, etc. and then moved on to him putting me into what I would describe as a “sleepy” state. What threw me off balance was how much Jim seemed to intuitively know about me from my body language, etc. I’ll be going into this in more detail in my other blog, click here .

It is Jim’s belief that if the doctor cannot find a physical fault, the fault must be in the mind. However I am not entirely convinced as the majority of candida sufferers I have encountered  online have not been diagnosed by GPs either and have only found the key to their physical recovery online or through more homeopathic therapies. I will however be returning as I do need to overcome some of the issues that stress me out daily in order that my physical self is the best it can be to fight this damned yeast!

Enough on the hypnotherapy here, the other post will explore it in more detail. Back to the food, which I personally think is the main challenge of this diet! I have found some Biona Organic Millet Wholegrain Bread in Waitrose. The same people make a tasty Rye Bread I have had before but now I am trying gluten free, this is a better option :-)  You may be thinking it sounds a bit weird and “health foody” but actually I have a brilliant way of eating it. Toast the bread, pull it out of the toaster and let it stand so the steam escapes and it becomes a bit crunchy. Meanwhile, poach some eggs and cook some asparagus. Butter (spread) the toast, eggs on top and asparagus on the side. Tastylicious!

At the moment I’m finding it easy to be creative with the food but I’m really struggling with my weekends; all of my friends are off out and about and I can’t go because I can’t even have soft drinks. Anyone got any good substitutes??


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