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How To React To Fading Colitis Symptoms

Posted Jun 10 2009 12:20am

A colitis attack has the potential to last for many weeks and the sufferer can be at the mercy of quite ferocious colitis symptoms that can have a very debilitating effect upon them. Tiredness, both mental and physical, acute pain and a general feeling of being worn out results yet the subsiding of the symptoms should not mean that life can get back to normal quickly.  


After a period when you started to wonder if life will ever return to anything near normality, you begin to feel an easing of the symptoms. The pain is subsiding, the blood is less, going to the toilet is less frequent, you feel a little bit of strength returning and you feel ready to try and eat a little more, This process is not quick. But day by day you will notice a difference. The blood will stop, though there may still be some discomfort and pain.


Your bowel is still inflamed but at least the wound has started to heal. Trips to the toilet will reduce to perhaps only half a dozen times in twenty four hours and you will feel really elated that the worse is over, especially that the pain is reducing by the day. You may even feel a new sense of freedom. How? Well, you will probably have been trapped in your home for weeks not being able to get out. Remember, cutting down on movement can greatly reduced the pain and discomfort. That first time back outside is incredible, the sense of freedom is acute. You have the ability to get outside, move in fact, without the associated pain and the need to get to the toilet fast.


But this is not to say that you should go wild and celebrate with abandon. Quite simply, the last thing that you want to do is put yourself at risk of a quick return to what you have just been through. And that can happen if you do not have care in what you do in the following weeks when you are recuperating from the colitis attack. Your body has taken a battering and, if the attack has been strong, you will be under strength, underweight, and under nourished. The feeling of tiredness will appear quickly if you undertake too much physical exercise too early in the rehab process.


What you must accept is that it is a slow yet steady process to reintegrate yourself into everyday life. You need to avoid both physical and mental stress and slowly build yourself up over a period of time. For a successful rehabilitation, it is essential to accept and understand this and to be aware of the successful path to follow to ensure that the remission period that you are now entering will not be cut short due to some avoidable action which results in the swift return of the colitis symptoms.  




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