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How to cure an upset stomach

Posted by Larissa

If you have an upset stomach or food poisoning, take one to two activated charcoal pills. Activated charcoal absorbs toxins from your body to help you recover. Most vitamin and supplement stores have charcoal pills, but you can also find them at your local pharmacy.
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Thanks Larisa! I'd also recommend Pepto Bismol (or a generic pink bismuth) to help cure your upset stomach.
And, don't forget Mom's old standbys: Gingerale and Saltines (or plain toast). I often tend to resort to bananas, which are well known for their antacid effcts. Pluse, they're yummy!
and this is a new one ginger is good for upset stomaches candy ginger is good just chew them up or a other one to help with a stomach ache is candy pepperment sticks u know the ones u stick on your christmas tree every year and for baby's over 6 moths of age take half of the pepperment stick put it in  the baby's botte and then add warm water but not hot once u have the warm water in the babby's bottle with the pepperment stick  shake it up and please make sure u test it on your waist to make sure it isn't to hot for the baby's mouth then u can give the baby the bottle but only give it a little and it should do the trick for u mom's how do i know cause i did it for my children and it really works please try it thanks brenda
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