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How Gut Research Could Make Living With Colitis Easier

Posted Mar 10 2011 4:11pm

Would you believe that Robocop has a rival in the name of Robogut to try and understand the reasons for colitis symptoms for why they occur and how, through the use of medication and perhaps diet, that they can be brought under control.

So what exactly is Robogut and how can the results found maybe help those living with colitis?

Well, some research is currently being undertaken to simulate the human intestinal tract to mimic gut conditions in people who suffer from colitis. “Roboguts” researchers are seeking to profile gut bacterial communities and better understand the relationship between gut bacteria and colitis.

The research being undertaken is comparing the distal or lower gut bacterial profiles from healthy donors to that of patients suffering from colitis. Roboguts are being used to grow the bacterial communities found in fecal samples in an anaerobic environment, and then profiling the stability of these bacterial communities.

It has been found that patients suffering from colitis have reduced diversity in their colon bacteria. This decline in bacterial diversity impairs the patient’s ability to combat different types of stress, whether it’s physical or mental. Stress cannot be absorbed which leads to health problems.

The researchers are using the Roboguts to monitor what happens when stress is added to the system, and then comparing the stress response in colitis and healthy patients.

This conjures up a picture of mad scientists in a lab with bubbling test tubes…as long as it produces hard evidence to combat bubbling colons!

To find out in the meantime how you can use effective methods to management the effects of living with colitis go now and get your free Colitis Toolkit at living with colitis

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