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How Can One Tree Lose So Many Damn Branches?

Posted Jun 15 2009 6:30pm

Rough weather last night. A 'cold' front moved through (cold front in July in Nebraska apparently means the temp will be 89 instead of 99 for one day. I am blessed.) Preceding the cold front there was a lot of wind. The Damn Tree lost another branch. A big one. Right on to our deck. Well, actually it was more fluffy then big, it was about 5 feet long though with lots of little branches and tons of leaves but still... I am at a loss. It looked healthy enough. Not being a tree doctor I really have nothing to base it on. For all I know it could have been suffering from Bostonion Spotted Tree Weevil Fever.
The point here is; the psychotic tree keeps chucking its branches at us.
There was also extreme thunder and lightning last night, started at around 1:30 A.M. How did the storm know I had just fallen asleep? At one point there was a fairly close lightning stike, lights blinked in the house and the cable boxes and computers all expressed their annoyance at the interruption of their feed by clicking and whirring and shutting down and starting up which is really pretty spooky late at night. Katy came out and we did the ritual house walk and doppler radar check. She's a weatherman's daughter so you can in no way fool that child and tell her that great big red splotches over the town she lives in is nothing. Thankfully things were just yellow and green with a bit of orange here and there so she went back to bed. I, however, am most tired and most cranky and am considering calling off the whole day and restarting the week tomorrow. We'll just blend the two days and call it Monuesday.
And then.... And then.... OHMYGOD!!! I woke up really early this morning after about 4 hours of sleep and decided to go back to sleep at around 8:30 and do you know what happened??? The phone rang a half ring. A half ring! Half! Just enough to jolt me awake after about 5 min of sleep. It wasn't even long enough for the caller ID to pick up on it so I could call the person back and ask WTF?!? In a polite way of course. Well, need to shower and pay bills and clean the house and do something special with the ratties.

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